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  • progettazione stampi

    3D modeling

  • realizzazione stampi

    Mold design

  • simulazione riempimento

    Filling simulation

  • analisi strutturale

    Structural analysis

Feasibility analysis, 3D modeling and filling simulation.

Metalcromo performs feasibility studies and structural analysis (FEM) on the new parts. It also follows the design and development of molds construction, from which we obtain the final product requested by the customer.
With innovative 3D modeling software, our expert technicians perform filling simulation, in order to identify in advance and eliminate any problem you might encounter during serial production. With these procedures we optimize the working times and product delivery.


icon prototyping The prototyping of the components.

In our company we analyze every detail and follow all the procedures in order to leave the customer satisfied with the whole service, from the initial design to the finished product. A simulation of the filling of the mold, in fact, is useful to define the critical elements of the castings and help optimize the equipment needed to produce the pieces, ensuring high mold durability.
When necessary or required, Metalcromo technicians can also prototype components: using 3D modeling software and other tools, they create models, strength analysis and prototypes, to provide a realistic and accurate anticipation of future production.

pressa From concept to production.

When customers come to us to illustrate their ideas, designs or projects, our technicians carefully analyze the feasibility and costs of implementation, offering the best solution to optimize the serial production: the goal is to get an excellent result at the lowest cost.
The added value that Metalcromo provides to its customers is the co-design and industrialization of the product: from the idea of the component we can identify the most efficient and economical way to obtain the required result.

icon technical support. Technical support.

The complete service that Metalcromo wants to give to our customers also includes technical advice, not only on drawings and projects, but also on existing molds. If the customer requests it, we analyze the equipment and establish how to improve and enhance it.

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