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  • Design and zamak molding

  • Zamak Die casting

Die casting of zamak.

The main activity of Metalcromo is zamak molding. Zamak is an alloy of zinc containing a minimum percentage of aluminum and copper, variable depending on the alloys ( we normally use Zama 2, 3 and 5 alloys). The main advantages of this material are its mechanical characteristics, the fluidity that allows to obtain thin walls and complex geometries, and an unparalleled quality in surface coatings.

icon computer The molding machines.

The production process of hot chamber die casting of zamak (also executed through vacuum technology where necessary), uses fully computerized injection molding machines and specialized personnel.
Metalcromo has a latest generation, fully automated machine fleet, made of robotic islands for the extraction and the eventual trimming and/or separation of the various die casting products.
Our company has an island for the immediate testing of the new equipments, the production of small series and prototyping realization.
press Colosio
press Colosio

The presses.

Metalcromo fleet consists of a press 80ton Colosio, two presses 140ton Colosio, three presses 140ton GREEN LINE Colosio, two presses 140ton GREEN LINE ELECTRIC Colosio, a press 200Ton GREEN LINE Colosio and a press 250ton GREEN LINE Colosio.
We have four machines in four working stations including dedicated Kawasaki robots and trimming presses of 15ton; the others are equipped with rotary separators located directly on the press, used for the automatic separation of parts/in-gates.
machines with multiple uses
machines with multiple uses

versatility icon The versatility of our machines.

The characteristic of our presses is their versatility: all the fixtures and fittings of our presses are standardized and this allows us to use each mold in at least 6 available presses. Thanks to this solution, our deliveries are always on time and in a short time we provide the customer with the requested goods.
Today in our foundry, over 500 molds are operating.

Efficiency and new technologies.

Thanks to advanced technical solutions, our company also produces castings of very thin thicknesses, from a minimum weight of 3 grams to a maximum of 2500 grams, and works at the same time on different items of high precision, without problems of microporosity and guaranteeing strict tolerances for small and large series.
graph constant growth
graph constant growth

Our constant growth!

The molding department is the pride of Metalcromo. Its efficient and fast functioning has allowed the company to grow over the years and to become a reference point in national and international markets.

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