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Experience in over 25 sectors of employment

Metalcromo is a company located in Veneto, in the province of Vicenza.
Reference point for molding zamak, its aims are both the Italian and the international markets. Competence, experience, flexibility, research and development, besides others, are the pillars of ourwork, which has always represented reliability and trustworthiness.
Our passion is aimed at customer satisfaction, therefore we have specialized in hot chamber die casting of zinc alloy, in designing products, in the development of molds, and we keep on testing new technologies to find innovative technical solutions to improve work organization and resource management.

icon mold Zamak molding

Die casting of zamak.

The main activity of Metalcromo is zamak molding. Zamak is an alloy of zinc containing a minimum percentage of aluminum and copper, variable depending on the alloys ( we normally use Zama 2, 3 and 5 alloys).

icon design Mold design

Feasibility analysis, 3D modeling and filling simulation.

Metalcromo performs feasibility studies and structural analysis (FEM) on the new parts. It also follows the design and development of molds construction, from which we obtain the final product requested by the customer.

icon other projects Other processes

From the mechanical to the aesthetic aspect.

Metalcromo company is structured to produce mechanical and aesthetical parts.

Experienced technicians and advanced machines are available for customers to develop ideas and to ensure small and large productions with excellent results.
The full design we provide in the stage preceding the die casting phase, includes the industrialization of the product (co-design) and the development and construction of the equipment.

The die casting production of zinc alloy provides sampling and approval of the particular and the series production. We also follow machining and galvanized coatings, assembling, shipping and the delivery.
In 2006 we achieved ISO certificate 9001: 2008, which testifies the high quality of our work, our items and the services we offer.
From the 60’s Metalcromo supports customers from the designing phase to the finished product, to improve production systems concerning cost, time and resource management.

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